Around 7:23pm, I delivered a healthy first child of mine.
I carried him beautifully in my belly for 9-months, marveling at the wonder of what a female body can do. (“wow, look at my belly button, it’s inside out!”)

It was a peaceful delivery in my birthing room at st. luke roosevelt hospital, with Kenny and my midwife.

While she knitted, I waited for the moment to push. I waited in a jacuzzi in the room.

When the midwife broke my water, the sea of water literally engulfed me.

I remember the next morning when I woke up, with exhausted Kenny sleeping next to me. Between us was this tiny tiny little person that was not even a day old.

With the blinding morning sun, I just stared at both, with my heart fully expanded with love.

5 years… It really went by so fast.

My first child.. I’m honored to have him as my son and so grateful for these eyeopening “first” experiences I get to have all the time. First day of seeing him walking, jumping, singing, going to school. writing his name, and many more.

I love you with all my heart.
I’m so looking forward to your 5th year and many more…

I still feel what I was feeling when I ran outside the house to take this photo.

We were all eating on a patio and was making a point how it was pouring but sunny so suddenly.

Then over my mom-in-law’s shoulder, I saw the BIGGEST rainbow in my history. Everyone from the table pressed their faces against the window sighing “wow”s..

Then conversation turned into how rare it is to see a double rainbow.. Then I saw again.. DOUBLE RAINBOW!

At this point, we all ran outside the house to get a better view.

The house is situated on top of the hill in the Berkshires, so we had an open view of the mountain range. Big giant double rainbow shooting across the sky.

It felt so revere to be witnessing such a moment.

My life is mixed bag of realization of many dreams between me and my husband while keeping our family nest safe and full of love. It’s been wild and tough ride since we dived into it fully.

Particularly hard weeks, this double rainbow made everything, oh just so better.

These days are filled with making our business grow and sustainable that I have hardly have time for anything anymore. (Especially when the day is divided among kids, family, work, me, couple time…)

Starting a tech start up is a bit of gamble. You may think have all the cards, but you never know what the others have.

While it’s incredibly exciting and amazing, I can’t say it’s easy for me to deal with all these ups and downs. I realize you need to be not only a doer but also be a survivor/fighter.

Past a few weeks have been especially grueling and I find myself that I need a stronger center to hold everything together.

So I’m looking at religion, my religious experience.. art.

When I think of art, I think of my mom.

My mom is an amazing artist.
Because of her diabetes and declining health, she hasn’t worked on any pieces actively in past a few years. I hope she feels healthy enough and have enough room in her heart to start making again.

This is from about 2 years ago, which is the last time she made art.
It’s amazing here and even more powerful in person.

Her work needs time, resilience, patience, vision every time. I used to watch her in fascination. And that’s how she worked past 40 years.

One of goal for me is throw her a one woman show and as well as our joint show. Someday.. someday..

Dear Ava,

In about a few weeks, you will turn 2.5.
Holy cow! I still remember the day when you came into the world. You were two weeks early, little red 6 pounder, that fit right in my palm.
And now, you are one sassy, full of personality girl.

I wish I had started this earlier, keeping more of detailed of your progress. But better now than never!

You like :
- candy! You wake up asking for candy, chocolate, maple syrup. Oh my darling, you test me. I just obsessively brush your teeth instead.
- chichi. Yeap.
- dancing, singing. I keep telling myself I should record a video of you. I do I do. Lately, you’ve taken huge love in singing Hey Jude. Do you know that makes me weep in joy?
- painting. Sometimes, you would wake up at 5:30. After a bowl of cereal, you want to paint. I used to get stressed out about cleaning up, but now I let it be free and enjoy your lovely handprint in our playroom. I love how serious you are with your art.
- princess and pink. I mean, you’ve been into color Pink, but the interest has gotten to another level. Everytime you see a kid with princess or anything with picture of a princess, you would speak VERY LOUD, demanding for a princess. I love you. I love you.
- manicure and pedicure. What can I say. you are a girl after my heart. I’m waiting for our girls day where we can go to a salon to do that together, and get some milkshake afterward.

Let’s sing some more Beatles, ok?



One of the things I wanted to do this Summer was to travel.
Because of work, it wasn’t exactly easy to do that.

When we were with the family in Miami back in April, Sarah(cousin) and I were talking how fun it would be to get everyone in Chicago together? So when she asked if I were still game, I signed up right away.

Traveling with almost 5-yr old and 2.5-yr old turned out to be easier than I had imagined. I packed impeccably.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of interesting pictures; the trip wasn’t about checking out a different part of Chicago I haven’t been yet. But the most important thing was that kids got to spend time with their cousins(3yr old Jack, 1yr old Naomi). I grew up very closely with my cousins and so has Kenny. With everyone spread about around the country, I felt this was an important trip to take.

It certainly was heartwarming to see Jack and Jinu sharing the following conversation:

Jinu : “Do you have a best friend?”
Jack : “Nobody!”
Jinu : “That’s kind of mean thing to say. You should say, my best friend is my cousin Jinu!”
Jack : “Ok, my cousin Jinu!”
Jinu : “And Ava too!”

Would I go on another trip with the kids alone, if I need to? While I would love to have my husband with us, the answer is yes!
It was such a special bonding experience to travel with kids alone.

Things that I learned:

Tip 1 – All carry-on! Raise your hand if you want to wait for your luggage with whiny toddler/preschooler! I thought so.

Tip 2 – Food and activities should be in two different bags for easy access. And don’t pack too much food. Small portion. And be smart and get water at the airport. (I spent a few minute grumbling at the TSA staff). Oh, don’t bring food as a gift either!

Tip 3 – iPad <—– I loaded up some tv episodes.. interactive books..

Tip 4 – Activities! Stickers, coloring books, little toys.

Tip 5 – Organic lollipops. I knew I would need a special kids drug. I brought handful and was careful not to abuse it. 6 lollipops through an entire trip! I think I did pretty well there.

Tip 6 – Pack light. Especially if you are visiting a place with a laundry unit, no reason to bring your closet.

Reminder that I need to hang and make art with her soon again.

I can’t quite believe this has happened.

In the midst of pre-contact and pre-coffee state of mind, my eyes+brain distance calculation ability was what it was going to be at 6:30am. Kids woke up so early this morning. 6am. Brutal. Kenny and I were out late for an event.

“Mommy, squeaky’s water is so dirty. could you clean?”

I looked and it was a little murky(!). Jinu demanded that I do that right away because Squeaky deserved it. True, I thought and I obliged.

10 seconds into it, I measure the distance from the fish and the opening wrong and before I could catch it, Squeaky slipped right into the drain.

O.M.G… I covered my mouth and turned. Ava and Jinu laughed, thinking I was just making a goofy face. Then I remained in that shocked position. Jinu understood then and I saw his lips curled up. Crying crying crying. It was the saddest cry I’ve heard from him in a long time.

“Squeakkkkky….. squeakkkkky…… I waaaannnntt my squeaky…..”

I held him for a long time, apologizing profusely…

After what felt like eternity, he sniffled and looked up at my face..”Mommy, I’m sad.. But I know it was a mistake so I’ll forgive you. Your apology is accepted.”

I’m always surprised how much a big person he is at heart. I’m humbled and amazed at this magic that is my son..

Early 2009, Kenny and I took a chance and decided to start a company together. 4 month later, we had a little product called TouchChords that shot up to top 5 in a week.

A year later, 4 million downloads later, here we are, with a small but incredibly talented and amazing team, doing out stuff and making learning music accessible and fun on smart phones.
Our vision is bigger but we are psyched about the path we are on achieving a bigger goals.

With two active toddlers, running a company together has been truly a test of our compatibility as a couple and as parents. I’m so happy that I have this wonderful relationship with man to do all these things.

Highs and lows of the company isn’t for a faint hearted, AT ALL.

After a week of INSANE deadlines, presentations, projects, I’m at home with two beautiful children sleeping upstairs, with Kenny on a business trip which he ACED the pitch. It’s first evening I”m letting myself to “vege” a little bit by watching a movie like Sex and the City, drinking wine, drinking late coffee, writing a blog post like this, making some fun party plans….

I just remembered that yesterday is when I first communicated with Kenny. I replied to a craigslist for a project to create Atari like graphics for a game. For consideration, I’ve created this pixel graphic of a sheep on a deserted island. Somehow that grabbed his attention, “WTF is that sheep doing on a deserted island?”

Almost a decade later, here we are.

in love.
with amazing and beautiful babies.
and work we both care and are passionate.

Come home soon babe!

He’s not quite 5. 4yrs and 9 month, as he likes to say to everyone he meets.

At bed time, Kenny and I were asked a rather intriguing question.

“Mom, where does a baby come from?”

Uh… I didn’t know the questions started this early?

Jinu has been inside the theater when he was a lot younger. It was for Kids Film Festival. I think we lasted about 10 minute until he’s had it.

Since the life of parents to two young children isn’t really suited for a lot of movie watching at a theater proper, I’ve been, subconsciously, looking forward to the day I could go to one WITH the kids.

Both Jinu and Ava have watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2 at home in the past. With Toy Story 3 out, kids, along with us parents, have been talking about going to the theater and watch it!

While being skeptical of how it would go down, I was also partially excited about the new chapter of type of outing I could do.

Tip 1: Go WAY after the movie is out. It being the weekend afternoon, the place wasn’t too insane.
Tip 2: If it’s not crowded, and as long as you think you can get pretty decent seats, DON’T GO sitting down throughout the previews. They are long. Jinu was “Is it starting yet” during the entire duration of previews + all those things they play before the movie really starts.
Tip 3: Pack healthy snacks. I thought it would be fun to get a box of popcorns. The truth is, it’s too salty, and I had a popcorn nazi getting all frustrated when 4 sets of hands get jammed in a box to grab popcorn. “Don’t grab too much!! Just one at a time!!!” Healthy INDIVIDUAL snacks.

We lasted about half of the movie. It was too dark, too loud for kids. It must have been quite a disorienting for him, because he threw one meltdown as we were walking out.

I guess I need to wait another year or so before I can bring the kids, at least Jinu to the theater.