One of the things I wanted to do this Summer was to travel.
Because of work, it wasn’t exactly easy to do that.

When we were with the family in Miami back in April, Sarah(cousin) and I were talking how fun it would be to get everyone in Chicago together? So when she asked if I were still game, I signed up right away.

Traveling with almost 5-yr old and 2.5-yr old turned out to be easier than I had imagined. I packed impeccably.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of interesting pictures; the trip wasn’t about checking out a different part of Chicago I haven’t been yet. But the most important thing was that kids got to spend time with their cousins(3yr old Jack, 1yr old Naomi). I grew up very closely with my cousins and so has Kenny. With everyone spread about around the country, I felt this was an important trip to take.

It certainly was heartwarming to see Jack and Jinu sharing the following conversation:

Jinu : “Do you have a best friend?”
Jack : “Nobody!”
Jinu : “That’s kind of mean thing to say. You should say, my best friend is my cousin Jinu!”
Jack : “Ok, my cousin Jinu!”
Jinu : “And Ava too!”

Would I go on another trip with the kids alone, if I need to? While I would love to have my husband with us, the answer is yes!
It was such a special bonding experience to travel with kids alone.

Things that I learned:

Tip 1 – All carry-on! Raise your hand if you want to wait for your luggage with whiny toddler/preschooler! I thought so.

Tip 2 – Food and activities should be in two different bags for easy access. And don’t pack too much food. Small portion. And be smart and get water at the airport. (I spent a few minute grumbling at the TSA staff). Oh, don’t bring food as a gift either!

Tip 3 – iPad <—– I loaded up some tv episodes.. interactive books..

Tip 4 – Activities! Stickers, coloring books, little toys.

Tip 5 – Organic lollipops. I knew I would need a special kids drug. I brought handful and was careful not to abuse it. 6 lollipops through an entire trip! I think I did pretty well there.

Tip 6 – Pack light. Especially if you are visiting a place with a laundry unit, no reason to bring your closet.

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