Early 2009, Kenny and I took a chance and decided to start a company together. 4 month later, we had a little product called TouchChords that shot up to top 5 in a week.

A year later, 4 million downloads later, here we are, with a small but incredibly talented and amazing team, doing out stuff and making learning music accessible and fun on smart phones.
Our vision is bigger but we are psyched about the path we are on achieving a bigger goals.

With two active toddlers, running a company together has been truly a test of our compatibility as a couple and as parents. I’m so happy that I have this wonderful relationship with man to do all these things.

Highs and lows of the company isn’t for a faint hearted, AT ALL.

After a week of INSANE deadlines, presentations, projects, I’m at home with two beautiful children sleeping upstairs, with Kenny on a business trip which he ACED the pitch. It’s first evening I”m letting myself to “vege” a little bit by watching a movie like Sex and the City, drinking wine, drinking late coffee, writing a blog post like this, making some fun party plans….

I just remembered that yesterday is when I first communicated with Kenny. I replied to a craigslist for a project to create Atari like graphics for a game. For consideration, I’ve created this pixel graphic of a sheep on a deserted island. Somehow that grabbed his attention, “WTF is that sheep doing on a deserted island?”

Almost a decade later, here we are.

in love.
with amazing and beautiful babies.
and work we both care and are passionate.

Come home soon babe!

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