Among many things Kenny and I have in common is, our love for Spike Lee. We watched his movies, we walked by his studio in Fort Greene, waving, and we admire his 4:30am morning wake up time.

He wakes up early so he can get started with peace.

When we read that before there were four of us, it seemed just insane.
After two toddlers later, we get it.

For our early flight to SF, we HAD to wake up at 4:30 the other day.
What a difference it made!

For about two hours before kids woke up, we had time to enjoy our coffee, got bunch of things done, and when kids were up, we were in our complete zen selves. It was amazing to feel that we own our mornings, again.

So for the rest of the year, we are trying to try what Spike Lee has been doing for a long time.

Running Curious Brain has been amazing experience, but it’s a constant battle to figure out the perfect balance. Perhaps this will allow us to have that time we’ve been longing?

We will try to keep a record..

Before that, let me go print his face with a stern look, as a little inspiration. I’m not sure alarm will be enough.

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