One thing I didn’t think much about running business was HR process. Hiring, interviewing, maintaining the positive environment to keep productivity and teamwork flow harmoniously, and the list goes on.

Being a small start up we are, Kenny and I wear about many hats at the same time. Hiring is one that fell into my lap. The first few times, it just ate up the huge amount of time. I read every single resumes, hoping not to miss a gem in the sand.  I scheduled one too may resumes just to make sure of the person.

Going through the process several times which translates into going through hundreds of resumes, (and doing it myself on the other side as a freelancer previously) I think beyond the pure skills and talents, you will need to think about these if you want to get a job in this economy, whatever the industry you may be in:

  • Sincere effort writing personalized cover email that is thoughtful.
  • Spendig some time formatting that resume(ESPECIALLY, if you are applying for a design position!)
  • Following up with an email
  • And oh and there is looking up some general background about the company before you come in for an actual interview.
  • Don’t be sweaty!
  • BE ON TIME! Obvious but people showed up late. Like a lot. We once sent someone back home right at the door, after being hours late, without even a simple apology.

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