Of course you want to be organized no matter what. But when your life is running on multiple faucets (business, family, personal) at full speed at all times, YOU MUST BE SUPER DUPER ORGANIZED.

I confess I’m not the most organized person in the world but I’m learning to be.

If you want to focus on the real things, stream line the daily routine in the most efficient way to help you plan and spend time wiser.

(1) designated spaces for children’s homework, outdoor stuff, messaging area! With so many things happening all the time that affects everyone’s schedule, sometimes google calendar isn’t enough.

(2) Finish everything before you go to sleep.
I’ve lied to myself so many times around 11:30pm.. “I’m sooo tired, I can’t handle.. I’ll just wake up early and finish the rest..”
And you wake up and you are in mad dash to get everything in order, dropping everyone at school and trying to be at work. It’s never ever a pleasant feeling.

So unless I’m crawling on the stairs, I prepare for the morning. So only thing I need to do is come down and press the button for coffee. (though I could learn to program the auto brew!) Kids clothes are all laid out at night, so they can dress themselves in the morning.
When things go smoothly and we all actually can enjoy the breakfast in peace, my day is so much better throughout.

That being said, I’m going through huge 2011 Organizational Update throughout the house. I’ll share some more tips as I continue..

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