I’m currently in the process of looking for a new school for my 5 year old.

At the end of the day, it’s really hard to measure the performance of the school based on the ratings you read or the feel you get from visiting.

When we were looking for school, we’ve ruled out private institutions. I was not against the idea itself, but the price tag of almost 30K seems not right for so many reasons. We are talking Kindergarten here.

I initially didn’t want to ride the wave of whole Gifted and Talented testing. But we’ve decided to let Jinu take the test at the last minute. After all, how do you measure the “talent” with multiple choice questions? But I wanted more options for public schools.

At the end, he didn’t make the cut, which left me feeling strange at first. I knew better to take it personally but It made me question the whole selection process as children at this age develop at different speed.

After months of trying this and that, it came to a school zoned for the district we are in. Rating of the school is high with the note that the principal focuses on academic performances and how the big school was. But after visiting a school, it all seemed manageable as Jinu is sociable child.

Several months fast forward, I’m now in intense search for the right school for Jinu. (applying to greenhillschool.org!)

After reading Waiting for Superman(need to watch the movie!), watching Race to Nowhere, and witnessing what really goes on in the classroom, I’m feeling just mad.
Since the second week, 5yr old has been getting homework everyday, the teacher/parent conference was all about how he needs to be on what levels by February because the department of education have decided that it’s time to make it more challenging. I asked her about the homework, but the teacher seemed to follow along with what the main office dictates. After all, it’s hard to be brave in a big school system. (of course, I appreciate the hard work she puts in education the child. but I’m just wishing for more creative and enriching environment. and I don’t think it’s a want, but a must for ANY children.)

All this while he gets no recess time, once a week gym/art/music!
One of the most hurtful thing I’ve discovered recently was that Gifted program kids DO get recess.

So what can be done? What can you do? What can I do?

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