We are in our second year of running our company together.
We’ve learned many lessons;we are still learning to balance life, family, and business. Obviously there is no quick fix and there are always unexpected. So I’ve come to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches with BIG smile.

There are, however, a few things you just need to be mindful to make it easier for yourself.

I, obviously, have read all sorts of books, blogs, and articles on being “couple entrepreneurs”. There are a few things that come up again and again. One of them is “work-free time/zone”.

It is exactly what it means: create time and space for you and your partner NOT to talk about business.

Kenny and I have talked about that, but at the end, it was so easy to consume ourselves with business 24/7. Literally even in our dreams!
Last a few months have been quite a bit of rollercoaster and this past weekend, we’ve decided it was time to take everything up a notch or two. So we did what all these people have recommended.

We didn’t mention a word about our business for 4 whole hours. Those four hours, we took the kids for dinner at our usual favorite spot;stuffing ourselves with yummies and spent many dollar bills on photobooth, enjoying the beautiful night view of the brooklyn bridge.

After putting kids to bed, Kenny and I looked at each other and knew all these people were right.

It was amazing how much peace you gain from giving yourself those time without thinking about deals, projects, and such.
How simple yet how powerful.

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