It’s a rare night I’m completely geeking out organizing all my blogging files.

After started with one domain, my life as a personal blogger has been a little nutty as I domain-hopped. What can I say, my fingers get weak at some fun names. (woo.. now, THAT will make a PERFECT domain for me!)

Now that I’m a responsible adult, I’ve decided to tame the untamed files all over the place.

I can’t say this has been the most pleasant two hours dealing with moving things about, but it’s nice to put all my thoughts throughout many years into one place for me to read about it.

Some from as I struggled to become a mother for the first time was hilarious. Oh the things I know now.

And god, I’ve been on internet too long.  I didn’t realize I’ve been blogging or twitting as long as I did.

I just remembered my first web class at Boston University, making HTML with for Mozilla browser! Is that 1996?

Anyway..  blogging end of year cleaning is almost done.

cheers to me!

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