My love of my LIFE! Whenever life throws you in whirlwind of things and I need a little pick-me-up to get my mojo back, I look at my family pictures. Ah.. happy. :)

Are we already inching towards the end of July? Where does the time go? How come it goes so fast?
Feel like I’ve been working around the clock this year. I’m trying to bring more balance into my life: more fun/quick art projects, more family time, more appreciating daily life…

I’ve been up to these:

- ceramics class is going well, i have a few more left. can’t wait to post some photos
- our product is live and it’s been top 10 in Music category in App store since our launch on 6/30. been working on the updates for the app and new products.
- going to Portugal with my pal Jessica in September! First real alone trip since… will miss K + kids.. but am soooo excited!
- been cooking a lot. but too busy, too hungry, too crazy around dinner time for any photos! (very looking forward to watch Julie & Julia)

Anyway… a lot of things happening this Summer for our little family. Will need to document so I can remember!

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