I’ve been keeping journal or some form of journal since I was small. Considering I’m in my 30s, that’s quite heck of records.
Since the age in internet, however, along with my sketchbooks, blog posts have been acting as my “journal”. Not as intimate as in talking to myself. But still it’s been very satisfying form of often-daily reflection/reaction. (let’s not throw in Facebook and Tweeter, shall we)

As much as I enjoy the digital formats, nothing beats what I can touch with my finger tips. I recently inherited my old visual journals that I did with my mom when I was young. I guess now that I’m a mom myself, my mother thought that I deserved to have these in my hand again.


I kept these visual diaries every year from age 5 until the last year of my elementary school. During school year, it was lite-version. During Summer/Winter breaks, she and I would take visual journals to whole new level. Needless to say, it was learning by doing, by living, by experiencing.

Seeing how hard it is to put together anything, I’m very impressed what she did with and for me those important years.
Recently, I’ve started to documenting all the entries and started using them as activities for my kids. I only had time to take some pictures. But eventually, I’ll get through them all. Perhaps, she and I can create some workbooks around them.

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