I still feel what I was feeling when I ran outside the house to take this photo.

We were all eating on a patio and was making a point how it was pouring but sunny so suddenly.

Then over my mom-in-law’s shoulder, I saw the BIGGEST rainbow in my history. Everyone from the table pressed their faces against the window sighing “wow”s..

Then conversation turned into how rare it is to see a double rainbow.. Then I saw again.. DOUBLE RAINBOW!

At this point, we all ran outside the house to get a better view.

The house is situated on top of the hill in the Berkshires, so we had an open view of the mountain range. Big giant double rainbow shooting across the sky.

It felt so revere to be witnessing such a moment.

My life is mixed bag of realization of many dreams between me and my husband while keeping our family nest safe and full of love. It’s been wild and tough ride since we dived into it fully.

Particularly hard weeks, this double rainbow made everything, oh just so better.

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