These days are filled with making our business grow and sustainable that I have hardly have time for anything anymore. (Especially when the day is divided among kids, family, work, me, couple time…)

Starting a tech start up is a bit of gamble. You may think have all the cards, but you never know what the others have.

While it’s incredibly exciting and amazing, I can’t say it’s easy for me to deal with all these ups and downs. I realize you need to be not only a doer but also be a survivor/fighter.

Past a few weeks have been especially grueling and I find myself that I need a stronger center to hold everything together.

So I’m looking at religion, my religious experience.. art.

When I think of art, I think of my mom.

My mom is an amazing artist.
Because of her diabetes and declining health, she hasn’t worked on any pieces actively in past a few years. I hope she feels healthy enough and have enough room in her heart to start making again.

This is from about 2 years ago, which is the last time she made art.
It’s amazing here and even more powerful in person.

Her work needs time, resilience, patience, vision every time. I used to watch her in fascination. And that’s how she worked past 40 years.

One of goal for me is throw her a one woman show and as well as our joint show. Someday.. someday..

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